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Discover The Aardee Vinyl Plank Flooring Difference

Make It easy on yourself.

One Call One Price, Includes Everything!

Call today for a free quote on the best Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring!

Shop-at-Home Convenience

Aardee brings the store to you. Reap the savings. No Showroom. No Warehouse. See samples of Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in your home. Get an accurate, all inclusive quote.



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Quality Vinyl Plank

Top-quality Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. The latest options, styles, and colors available. No closeouts. HD designs looks so real. Lifetime Warranty. Value Price includes installation.


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Experienced Professional Installation

One price includes old flooring removal, new flooring installation, moving furniture and appliances, and replacing molding. Eliminate the worry. Enjoy the process for a change.

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All-Inclusive One Price Quote

Just like painting, remodeling, roofing or other major project, know the total cost. No hidden charges. Turnkey flooring sales and installation maintains quality, lowers the price, and reduces your risks.


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INSTALLED Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Foley AL Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation
Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Aardee Flooring Sells and Installs Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring For One Low Price.

Stop wasting time and ultimately spending more money. We give you a rock bottom, all-inclusive price. Call now.

And that's all we do. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is the toast of the town in 2020 and will be into the foreseeable future.

Everyone wants it! LVP fits almost every application and budget. That's why it's all we do.

Homeowners, Call Now To Schedule a Free, All-Inclusive Vinyl Plank Flooring Quote

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No Middle-Men, No Showroom, No Warehouse

Times have changed. The days of multi-tiered distribution models, retail stores, and other “middle-men” are coming to an end. Aardee Flooring buys directly from the manufacturer, delivers it directly to your home or commercial space, and installs it for one low price.

Gulf Shores Vinyl Plank Installation Reviews

I have known Bob for several years, and he has always stood by his product and done excellent work. His motto should be “Not the cheapest, simply the best”.

Foley Alabama Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

A better way to buy and install lvt plank flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Pensacola

The installation was excellent. The flooring was the best I have seen in all price ranges. Steer away fro the real cheep LVT. Think about it. The cost of the material is just one part of the cost.

LVT Flooring Home Depot

There will be cheaper flooring, but seldom (I don't ever say never) will you find flooring, in this case LVT, that is better made, looks better, is installed better,...

One Low Price Always Includes Installation. We Don't Sell Cash-and-Carry Flooring.

Water Proof Luxury Vinyl Plank

A Refreshingly New Concept For Flooring

We sell and install luxury vinyl plank for one low price. We move the furniture and appliances, remove the existing shoe molding and/or baseboard, remove old carpeting, vinyl, tile, and wood flooring, prepare the concrete or wood sub-floor to receive the new flooring, install the new flooring, paint and install shoe mold and/or baseboard, and move furniture back into place.

Turnkey Floor Installation Only

Don't bite off more than you can chew. More than half of all homeowners that buy luxury vinyl plank flooring regret that they did not hire an installation service at the same time.

Buying the flooring and then hiring an installer doesn't make scene any more than buying paint and then hiring a house painter. In most cases, you save money with turnkey pricing.

Water Proof Flooring
Foley AL 365835 Luxury Vinyl Plank

No Middle-Men, No Showroom

We buy direct from the manufacturer. We have no warehouse or showroom. We don't sell "house hold name brands" like Shaw, Mohawk, or Mannington. Paying more for something is not a virtue.

Aardee feels like these manufacturer brands serve up a great product but at an excessive price. We stand out from the crowd of flooring stores in our area by researching manufacturers and flooring specifications, finding products that meet or exceed their name brands, and bringing them to you for less.

Don't Call Aardee For Ceramic Tile, Laminate, Hardwood, or Roll Vinyl

We don't sell it. Luxury vinyl plank replaces all of those flooring choices. I's budget friendly, fast to install, the high definition planks look and feel like real wood. It's is easy to clean, durabe, and waterproof.

Carpet is difficult to clean and keep clean. Ceramic tile looks awesome, is easy to maintain, germs and viruses can't party on it, but it is expensive to install and cracks. Hardwoods and laminates are beautiful and a budget buster.

LVP flooring

Why Choose Aardee Flooring?

Is Floor Shopping Making You Feel Overwhelmed?

Us too! That's the motivation behind Aardee Flooring. When we were shoppers, we were as confused as anyone. Installing a new luxury vinyl plank flooring should be a great experience, but it seldom is. There are so many choices causing you to feel overwhelmed.

You'll be living with this decision for years and you fear making the wrong choice. Some of our floors have a lifetime warranty in residential applications.

Aardee Flooring Simplifies Luxury Vinyl Plank Choices

First of all you will not be shown big brand names. Times have changed. Americans are changing how they shop. When it comes to LVP, brands mean nothing! If it's made to the right specifications and looks good, you'll enjoy it for years to come.

It's the Specifications That Count

We will show you two or three types of planks. All will be at the made to the highest specifications for their price point. Compare the specs them to any name brand and you'll quickly see you are getting a quality product.

You'll have a Good, Better, Best choice. Better will cost a little more than Good. Best will cost slightly more.

Great Looks

Great specifications are just the beginning. It's when you see the flooring samples in your house, under your lighting, and next to your furnishings, then you know your making the right choice.

A Beautiful Floor Installed Right

Sleep well. You will always have piece of mind and reduced headaches by hiring a licensed flooring contractor that will provide the product to be installed and oversee the skilled tradesman.

No Salesman, No Sales Pressure

We don't have salesmen at Aardee Flooring. The project manager is the one coming to your home. You'll be working with them throughout the project.


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