All sales of products (“Products”) and services (“Services”) provided by Aardee Services, LLC, dba/ Aardee Flooring (the “Company”, “our” or “we”) to you (“you” or “Customer”) shall be subject to these special terms and conditions (“Material-Specific Terms and Conditions”). These Material-Specific Terms and Conditions are incorporated in our Term and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between these Materials-Specific Terms and Conditions and Term and Conditions, the terms of these Material-Specific Terms and Conditions shall prevail. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and policies set forth in these Material-Specific Terms and Conditions. Any capitalized terms included herein but not defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Terms and Conditions.

By agreeing to any quote or proposal for Products and/or Services, or by signing these material-specific terms and conditions, you agree to be bound the these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to any portion of these Terms and Conditions, you should not engage Company for the provision of Products or Services. THE MOST CURRENT VERSION OF THESE MATERIAL-SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS, WHICH SUPERSEDES ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS, CAN BE REVIEWED BY GOING TO https://aardeeflooring.com/.

General Terms of Installation. Subfloor problems and or floor preparation, which are not foreseeable at the time of measuring, will be an additional charge and will be added onto the balance owing. Company will create a change order for such issues, which will be due at the time of acceptance. Cutting off doors and any other carpentry work is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Technicians will remove interior doors if cutting is necessary. A change order can be requested based on each project; however, technicians are limited in the type(s) of doors to which they can make modifications. Company will not be held liable for any damages sustained during the removal of baseboards, including without limitation, damage to sheet rock, walls, paint, trim, or baseboard replacement. We only removed baseboards if we are installing new baseboards. We can never know how existing baseboards were installed and what type of nail or screw was used to fasten to wall. Customer shall be held responsible for all cost incurred to repair or replace said damages. Company technicians will help move and replace normal household furnishings; however, Company technicians are not professional movers – rather, they are professional floor technicians; therefore, Company is not responsible for damages that may occur to furniture, appliances or existing flooring. We pride ourselves on being very careful with your belongings. If we are the obvious cause of damage beyond reasonable doubt, we will take care of said damage.

Trims. Existing door casings and baseboards might have gaps due to difference in thickness from existing to new floors. Additional trims can be added for additional cost.Tile and Stone. Customer is aware that the removal and installation of tile products will create dust in the air and Customer has taken such precautions as he/she feels adequate to protect the surrounding area from the dust. Company shall not be held liable for any damages sustained during the removal of tile. This includes but is not limited to damage of sheet rock, walls, paint and trim. Customer shall be held responsible for all cost incurred to repair or replace said damages. Stone is a product of nature and no two pieces of stone are exactly alike. Each stone has different markings, variations, and shades. They also differ in their moisture absorption, finish and texture. These are not defects but rather inherent characteristics of stone products. All stone and tile products should be sealed with a penetrating sealer. They will need to be resealed periodically to keep the life of your tile and stone up to date. Grout sample colors shown may vary from actual grout. Final installed shade can differ based on tile type, porosity, job site conditions and finishing techniques.

Visual Shade Disclosure. Variations in shade and finish are inherent to porcelain, ceramic, stone and glass products, and current stock may vary from actual samples. Natural stone products in particular possess inherent characteristics which, by nature, include but are not limited to extreme variations in coloration, shading, and structure.

Vinyl, Vinyl Plank, and LVP. Fading or discoloration can occur with repeated exposure to direct sunlight. High traffic areas may suffer gloss reduction. Gloss levels will reduce if the floor is scratched or abraded. High heeled shoe indentions, excessive moisture, rips, gouge, tears and piercing are considered as accidental abuse of the products and are not covered under warranty. No warranty claim will be made if non-compliant underlayment is used.

HVAC. Company will not be held responsible for flooring failures due to homes and businesses not properly maintaining temperatures ranging of 60° to 75° Fahrenheit before, during and after job completion. Humidity should range between 30%-50%. Moisture meter should be measured with a Tramex Concrete Encounter with reading ranging from 0%-3.5%. If it is higher, it is required to have a sealer which will be an additional charge.

Plumbing and Appliances. When plumbing disconnection is required, we will not be held responsible if any seals or pipes are broken and we will not be held responsible for any damage due to leaks or flooding. Gas appliances and/or toilet back must be installed by a license plumber. We recommend always hiring a plumber for any disconnection required.


Measurements and Blueprints Furnished by Customer. If any project or Services are based upon measurements or blueprints furnished by the Customer, the price indicated in any accepted Proposal is subject to change, including extra trip charges, should the actual measurements vary from those submitted. Should a condition exist or be found at the site of installation, which was not readily apparent at the time of purchase or measure, any accepted Proposal may be modified to increase or decrease the purchase price to rectify the condition. Customer agrees that verbal confirmation by Customer of changed prices shall be binding. Under no conditions is the Customer to pay the installer/technician/contractor directly for any extra labor, as we cannot warranty such labor — this is against Company policy and may cause termination of your agreement with Company.

Underlayment of Labor. The amount of underlayment of labor is sold compatible to measurements of the floor covering. In some instances the amount of underlayment may be less. We have taken this variation into full account in establishing our prices.

Shoe or Quarter Round Molding. When it is part of the accepted Proposal, Company technicians will exercise every care possible in removing and reinstalling shoe molding but cannot be responsible for breakage or other damage to molding. Customer is responsible for providing shoe molding due to breakage or where new molding is required. Additional shoe molding shall be at additional cost. Should your doors require adjustment due to new flooring, please make arrangements with your carpenter. If our installation team can perform a door modification, we will create a change order. Company does not offer any warranty on door modifications. Stairs are not covered from wall to spindles, unless otherwise specified in this contract. If railings are to be removed, this must be done by the Customer before the Company technician arrives, unless otherwise stated in the contract. Neither the Company technician nor the Company can be responsible for scoring or abrasions of baseboards or door frames due to knife cuts for the reason that additional carpet must be cut to allow for tuck-in on tackles installations.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to detach any intricate wiring such as stereo, TV, cable or any computer equipment, etc. We cannot be responsible for any electronic wiring.